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Apartments & Rooms for Rent in Utrecht

With beautiful churches, scenic canals, an ancient sunken wharf and the UNESCO World Heritage Site designated Rietveld Schröder House, the Dutch city of Utrecht is well known for its picturesque elegance and rich historical record. What’s less well known, however, is the city’s youthful alter-ego: a vibrant student town that exudes an exuberant, multicultural flavour. Combining a great nightlife scene, a cute café culture and an active cultural life that’s second only to Amsterdam, unsung Utrecht is much more than meets the eye.

Unfortunately, finding somewhere to live can be difficult if you’re a recent arrival to the city. In fact, it’s often customary for both tenants and landlords to be quite picky with new people – especially if you try to find a place via sites like Facebook or Gumtree.

Looking to rent an apartment in Utrecht? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Nestpick our extensive collection of fantastic Utrecht apartments will significantly increase your chances of finding your ideal place; getting your Dutch adventure off to the best possible start.

If you’d rather rent a room in Utrecht, you’re in even more luck. Flat shares are the most common accommodation option, and our online catalogue will allow you to tailor the search to a price, style and location that suits you.

Furnished & Serviced Apartments in Utrecht

For an furnished and serviced apartment in Utrecht, you should expect to pay more than for a standard apartment. Serviced apartments in Utrecht share many of the amenities, and carry a similarly upmarket price tag. Many serviced apartments can be found around the city centre, as well as in the outer suburbs if peace and quiet is what you desire. If premium accommodation is what you’re after, browse our selection of furnished serviced apartments now.

Types of Accommodations in Utrecht

  • Rooms for Rent in Utrecht
  • Student Accommodation in Utrecht
  • Studio Apartments in Utrecht

Rent a Room in Utrecht

Rather than splashing out on an entire apartment, why not rent a room in Utrecht? This is a great way to save on your monthly costs, allowing you to live in Utrecht on a smaller budget or give you more money to spend on other things. This is a popular option among young expats relocating to Utrecht as well as students attending Utrecht University or any of the city’s other institutions.

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When you rent a room in Utrecht, you have certain spaces like the kitchen and living room that are shared amongst however many people live in that apartment. This is typically anywhere between two and six people, but can be more. You then have your own bedroom space to yourself. Bills may or may not be included in the cost of renting the room. Check out the listings on Nestpick to find a room that suits your budget.

Utrecht Apartments by District

Arguably the Netherlands’ most charming city, Utrecht is a fantastic place to live. With one of the best universities in the country and a thriving international community, most expats find the transition to Dutch life a seamless one.

While the city has a wide range of neighbourhoods that accommodate a number of lifestyles and budgets, the process of finding somewhere to live can be quite daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the city’s geography or rental prices. Not sure where to begin? Well we’ve handily created a concise list of the best areas of Utrecht for expats or new arrivals to the city.

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the city, our extensive database will allow you to narrow your search to look for furnished accommodation within a price and size range that suits you. This will help you pick out down the best candidates and choose great accommodation without having to compromise.

With a little help from Nestpick, Holland’s fourth-largest settlement will soon feel like a home from home.

More Attractive Areas for Utrecht Apartments

Lombok Apartments

The traditionally working-class inner city district of Lombok is the bustling heart of multicultural Utrecht. Since its regeneration in the 1980s and 1990s, this effervescent neighbourhood has continually drawn in scores of students and ‘yuppen’ (young professionals) looking to join in the fun. With trendy coffee stalls, delicious eateries, specialist stores and a host of shopping opportunities, Lombok is Utrecht at its liveliest. It’s also within walking distance of the newly-refurbished Central Station and the city’s main plaza, Dom Square, so you’ll feel right in the thick of the action.

Lombok really is a melting pot. Look above you’ll see a skyline dominated by the neon-illuminated Utrecht Central Mosque, the 18th-century Molen de Ster windmill and the Italian-style Antoniuskerk church. At the street level, you’ll be greeted with the sights, smells and sounds of the neighbourhood’s main thoroughfare: the colourful and vibrant Kanaalstraat. Here you’ll find Moroccan grocery stores, Indian restaurants and local bakeries in all their glorious abundance. And be sure to grab a Turkish döner after a night out!

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Cementing Utrecht’s place as a leading cultural hub, the eclectic Lombok Festival is held every November. From Syrian techno to Rwandan food to Sufi poetry , this international jamboree will enrapture all your senses and help warm you up during the chilly Dutch winter.

Lombok apartments come in a range of sizes, styles and prices - from purpose-built complexes to old-fashioned terraced houses. Accommodation in the area is in high demand, so you’ll have to act quickly if there’s an apartment that catches your eye. A standard 1-bedroom apartment here costs between €750 and €1000.

Apartments in Nieuwegein

For somewhere a little quieter, the outlying town of Nieuwegein is certainly worth considering. With cheap housing, a relaxing pace of life and a host of great pubs and restaurants, Nieuwegein is a contemporary setting steeped in the Dutch culture of old. There’s also a sizeable expat presence here due to the flourishing industrial park providing plenty of work opportunities.

The area is mostly surrounded by canals and has plenty of green spaces - perfect for spot of picnicking or dog walking. Local hotspots include the Museum Wars Hoeck, the popular Dutch fusion restaurant Huis de Wiers, the old church and the picturesque Oudegein watermill. The surrounding towns and villages also contain some lovely shops, and the area holds three merchant markets a week.

Transport connections both in and out of Nieuwegein are excellent, with the Sneltram (light rail) line connecting the town to Utrecht and the wider region. You certainly won’t need a car living here!

Nieuwegein is actually a separate city and municipality, but is often considered a key part of the Utrecht metropolitan area. The town is very modern, and was founded in 1971 as a planned city. This means that the majority of accommodation here is modern, spacious and fitted with standard amenities such as air conditioning and heating.

Apartments in Nieuwegein come in a number of styles, from tidy terraces along canals to purpose-built apartment complexes in wide open spaces. Unlike Utrecht itself, Nieuwegein has a plentiful range of housing options to suit almost every taste and budget.

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Apartments in De Meern

If you really want to experience a slice of archetypal Dutch living, De Meern might be the place for you. Lying 6km to the west of Utrecht city centre, residential De Meern is a charming little village that represents a pleasant retreat from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

If you’re a keen cyclist, you’ll love it here. De Meern has a fraction of the traffic that the city experiences, so you’ll be perfectly primed to explore the flat roads and rural beauty of the wider region.

If cycling isn't your thing, no worries. The village is very well connected, with regular bus and rail services getting you to Utrecht city centre in no time at all. Due to a combination such good transport connections and rising rental costs within Utrecht, expats and students are slowly starting to see the merits in moving to outlying villages like De Meern.

Apartments in De Meern are much cheaper than their counterparts in their the city, and lack of competition for places means you’ll get more bang for your buck. Options include apartment blocks, modern terraces and old-fashioned townhouses.

Student Housing Utrecht

Consistently ranked in the top 15 universities in continental Europe and the top 100 universities in the world, the University of Utrecht continues to draw in throngs of students from across the globe. With a massive student population of 70,500, Utrecht has firmly established itself as a university city.

The result of such popularity is that demand for student accommodation in Utrecht is high at the best of times. Unfortunately, the university does not own any halls of residence, meaning that most rooms are let by housing corporations like SSH or private landlords. In some cases, the competition for places means that prospective tenants can often be overcharged by landlords or agencies.

Student apartments in Utrecht cover a wide range of styles - from modern complexes to old-fashioned townhouses. Such accommodation is available throughout the city, and rent prices generally go up the closer it is to the city centre. Due to the high demand, most students who move to Utrecht opt for renting a room in shared accommodation – sharing facilities like a bathroom, kitchen and washing machine.

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If you plan on finding student housing in Utrecht, look no further than Nestpick. This will help you bypass unscrupulous landlords and ensure a hassle-free start to university life.

Utrecht Public Transport

In typically Dutch fashion, by far the most common way to jaunt around Utrecht is on bicycle. However, if you need to dash from one side of town to the other in double time, you are not just limited to two wheels.

Utrecht’s public transport system is similar to that of other major cities in the Netherlands: modern, efficient, accessible, affordable and safe.

To get around Utrecht, you can take the tram, bus, train, taxi or rent a bicycle at the station. The extensive bus network serve all districts of the city, while trams run frequently from the areas of Nieuwegein and IJsselstein.

Bus and train services in the Utrecht region are operated by U-OV. You can purchases tickets online or from the many ticket vending machines at the bus stations, on the tram platforms or directly outside OV-Service Stores.

Utrecht’s central location in the Netherlands has made it an important transport hub for both rail and road transport – in turn making in a great springboard for exploring the rest of the country. Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport are just 30 minutes away by train; Rotterdam and The Hague 45 minutes.

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How much does it cost to live in Utrecht Netherlands? ›

During your stay in Utrecht, you can expect to spend between €800 and €1,400 a month on living expenses. This amount does not include your tuition fee. Furnished, including utilities, individual/ shared, etc. Health, personal liability, etc.

How hard is it to find housing in Utrecht? ›

The student housing market in Utrecht is very competitive. Direct offers book up fast and there are numerous candidates for each offer. It is important to spread your chances as much as possible and to familiarise yourself with the various ways to search for housing.

Is it easy to find an apartment in Amsterdam? ›

The Amsterdam rental market is known as a “fast market”. The shortage of available housing and great demand for these properties means that apartments are on the market for only a few days before they're successfully rented. This means that potential renters need to act quickly if interested in a property.

Is Utrecht cheaper than Amsterdam? ›

While not as expensive as Amsterdam, Utrecht is still a pricey city to live in, if you add up the rent, groceries, restaurants and entertainment. Living in Utrecht costs about 850 euros/month per person, on average, excluding rent.

Is it cheaper to live in the Netherlands than the US? ›

The average cost of living in the Netherlands ($1780) is 20% less expensive than in the United States ($2213). the Netherlands ranked 19th vs 5th for the United States in the list of the most expensive countries in the world.

Where do expats live in Utrecht? ›

Finding Accommodation in Utrecht

Ijsselstei, Leidsche Rij, Nieuwegein and De Vechtstreek are popular neighborhoods for expats to live in with their proximity to the city center and transport connections. Properties in these areas range from traditional Dutch brick dwellings to ultramodern brand new builds.

Where is the best place to live in Utrecht? ›

We'll guide you through 10 of the most popular neighborhoods amongst expats and international students:
  • City Center.
  • Oost.
  • Witte vrouwen.
  • Universiteitskwartier.
  • Stadhuiskwartier.
  • Lombok.
  • Utrecht Zuid.
  • Leidsche Rijn.
Aug 30, 2022

Can a non citizen buy a house in Netherlands? ›

There are no restrictions placed on foreigners and non-Dutch residents buying property.

Can I move to Amsterdam without a job? ›

You can move to the Netherlands without a job offer only in the following instances: You apply for a Dutch student visa. International students must leave the Netherlands after their study course finishes, however, so this is not a solution to long-term relocation. You apply for a Dutch family reunification visa.

Can you move to Amsterdam without knowing Dutch? ›

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and if you live here it's essential to learn the language! Also, if you want to become a citizen here, you must learn Dutch. You are obliged to be able to understand and speak basic Dutch.

Can you rent an apartment in Amsterdam without a visa? ›

Yes, even if you have no residence permit you are entitled to rent housing accommodation in the Netherlands. However, you are not allowed to rent accommodation for which a housing permit is required.

Why is Utrecht so expensive? ›

Is it expensive to live in Utrecht? Being a fast-growing city, Utrecht is attractive to locals and internationals alike. As a consequence, the demand for accommodation is nothing short of high, therefore driving the rent prices up.

What does Utrecht mean in English? ›

Utrecht. / (Dutch ˈyːtrɛxt, English ˈjuːtrɛkt) / noun. a province of the W central Netherlands.

Which city has the cheapest living cost in Netherlands? ›

Tips to save costs in the Netherlands

If you're looking for a cheaper place to live, Groningen is the most affordable student city in the Netherlands, and the countryside is also generally inexpensive.

Can a US citizen move to Netherlands? ›

You do not need a visa, residence permit or work permit. You do, however, need a valid passport or identity document. You may also work in the Netherlands if you have a valid residence permit subject to temporary or non-temporary humanitarian grounds.

Can an American retire to the Netherlands? ›

The Netherlands, like other European countries, is part of the Schengen Agreement, which means that American retirees are allowed visa-free entry into the Dutch country as tourists or for business purposes up to 90 days. If you plan on a longer residency, you will have to apply for a permit.

How long can an American live in the Netherlands? ›

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. In many cases you will also have to apply for a long-stay visa before you travel to the Netherlands. This visa is also called an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV).

Do they speak English in Utrecht? ›

The short answer is yes, people in Utrecht do speak English. Depending on who you meet and where you are, you can expect most people to be able to communicate with you in English.

Is Utrecht English speaking? ›

The language spoken is Dutch, with English widely spoken as a second language.

Why is Utrecht famous? ›

Its the fourth largest city in the Netherlands, and many regard it as the cozier alternative to Amsterdam. The city boasts beautiful canals and parks, lively restaurants and cafés, fascinating museums and remarkable historical buildings.

Which is better Leiden or Utrecht? ›

No contest, Utrecht. It has a bigger historic center with many more restaurant and shop options compared to Leiden. Also the canals and historic architecture in Utrecht are more unique. I like both cities, and yes, cycling around can easily be done in both.

What is the average income in Utrecht? ›

The average salary for jobs in Utrecht, Netherlands is € 50.549 (EUR) per year or an hourly rate of € 24 (EUR).

How far is Utrecht from germany border? ›

The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 6h 11m. What is the distance between Utrecht and Germany? The distance between Utrecht and Germany is 383 km. The road distance is 636.3 km.

How can I legally live in the Netherlands? ›

If a person is coming to the Netherlands for more than 90 days, they will need a residence permit. To get their residence permit, a person may first need an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV) in order to enter the country.

Can a foreigner become a Dutch citizen? ›

Foreign citizens can apply for Dutch citizenship if they have lived in the Netherlands legally for at least 5 years.

Can you live in the Netherlands without a visa? ›

Do I need a residence permit if I want to stay in the Netherlands for a long period of time? If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days and you are not a national of an EU country, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland or Switzerland, you will need a residence permit.

How does a US citizen move to Amsterdam? ›

All you need to do is to apply for a residence permit once you get to the country. If you are a national of any other country, you will need to apply for a long-stay visa (also known as an authorization for temporary stay, or Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblijf, MVV) and a residence permit before you arrive.

Is it hard to live in Amsterdam as an American? ›

Moving to the Netherlands is hard for foreigners as they must undergo a specific process of obtaining residency or citizenship. However, American expats who wish to move to the Netherlands can obtain a residence permit with an extra opportunity known as the DAFT visa.

Can I live in Amsterdam if I only speak English? ›

Yes! English is very widely spoken in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands as a whole. It might surprise you to know that not only do they speak English in Amsterdam, but more than 90% of the population can actually speak it fluently at the level of a native speaker. So, language barriers aren't too common!

What is the easiest way to immigrate to Netherlands? ›

Immigrating to the Netherlands through education is currently the most common type of immigration for people from different countries to immigrate to the Netherlands. The candidate understudy can move to this country with this visa and concentrate in this country.

How long does it take to learn Dutch? ›

Germanic languages
LanguageTime needed to reach fluency
Afrikaansabout 575 hours or 23 weeks
Danishabout 575 hours or 23 weeks
Dutchabout 575 hours or 23 weeks
Norwegianabout 575 hours or 23 weeks
1 more row
Jan 5, 2023

How do you say hello in Netherlands? ›

When meeting someone in a casual setting, it is common for people to say “Hoi” ('Hi') or “Hoe gaat het?” ('How are you? ') Meanwhile in formal settings, the most common greeting is “Hoe gaat het met u?” ('How are you? ').

How much do you pay for rent in Amsterdam? ›

1-2-3 bedroom apartment. The average is about 1300-1800 per month for 1-2 bedrooms even among my Dutch friends. It can go up higher (1800-2,500+) if you're looking at larger apartments or “expat” places. This price depends a lot on location and expect to pay a lot more if you're in the ring in a nicer area.

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Amsterdam? ›

The average rent for a studio apartment in Amsterdam is now 1,181 euros per month, 22 percent more than the fourth quarter of 2020. The rent increase for a studio apartment in Amsterdam and Utrecht was so significant that HousingAnywhere noted it as one of the most striking European price trends.

Do I need a BSN to rent an apartment in the Netherlands? ›

If you are working in the Netherlands, you may need to provide a copy of your employment contract. If you are a student, you may need to show a statement from your Dutch bank account or other bank accounts. You will always need to provide your BSN (citizen service number).

How much does it cost for foreigners to live in Netherlands? ›

The cost of living in the Netherlands is believed to be around 800-1000 Euros per month, including food, rent, transportation, books, and other expenses.

Is Utrecht cheap to live in? ›

What is the cost of living in Utrecht? Depending on where you're from, you may find that Utrecht is not a particularly cheap city to live in. As a very rough guide you can expect to pay around: €18 — lunch meal.

What is the average salary in Utrecht? ›

€ 50.549 (EUR)/yr.

Is 5000 euros enough to live in Netherlands? ›

Yes this is considered a very good salary.

You will have a gross salary of around 8k EUR.

How long can US citizens live in Netherlands? ›

If you want to stay in the Netherlands for longer than 90 days, you may need a residence permit. In many cases you will also have to apply for a long-stay visa before you travel to the Netherlands. This visa is also called an authorisation for temporary stay (MVV).

Can US citizens live in Netherlands? ›

You do not need a visa, residence permit or work permit. You do, however, need a valid passport or identity document. You may also work in the Netherlands if you have a valid residence permit subject to temporary or non-temporary humanitarian grounds.

What is a livable salary in Netherlands? ›

In the Netherlands, the gross living wage is €79.62 a day. Do you want to find out the living wage in a country? WageIndicator has calculated this for many countries.

Are people in Utrecht friendly? ›

The locals are very friendly and welcoming to international people, and in Utrecht, they are used to the fact that a large part of the population comes from other countries. If you live with a Dutch roommate you will be able to learn much more about their culture and way of life.

Is 70k a good salary in Netherlands? ›

While the answer to this question is quite subjective, a gross salary of €70,000 ($81,000) per year would put you in the top 5% of income earners in the Netherlands. Which equals to a net monthly salary of €3,832 ($4,440) per month.

Is Health Care Free in the Netherlands? ›

Does the Netherlands Have Free Public Healthcare? In short, no, healthcare in the Netherlands is not free. Everyone who lives or works in the country must take out private health insurance.

What is 30 ruling in Netherlands? ›

The 30% reimbursement ruling (also known as the 30% facility) is a tax advantage for highly skilled migrants moving to the Netherlands for a specific employment role. When the necessary conditions are met, the employer can grant a tax-free allowance equivalent to 30% of the gross salary subject to Dutch payroll tax.

What is considered rich in the Netherlands? ›

Four out of every 10 people considered rich in the Netherlands have inherited their wealth, according to a survey commissioned by ABN Amro MeesPierson, the Telegraaf reported on Friday. The rich are defined as those with with a minimum of €500,000 of disposable assets.


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