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Keyboard shortcuts for Xactimate online The following shortcut keys have been changed: Function Old Shortcut New Shortcut Sketch For the following View Functions, Sketch must be in 3D view. View Top Ctrl + 1 Shift + 1 View Front Ctrl + 2 S… Updated 2 years ago by Bethany W.
Sending assignments through Xactimate and XactAnalysis Generally, we begin an assignment by creating and sending a Send Work Assignment (SWA) in XactAnalysis. An example of an SWA can be found in this article , which also gives step-by-step instructions… Updated 7 months ago by Jill Bowers
Adding ClickOnce for the Xactimate online Estimate Writer To use the Xactimate online Estimate Writer , you must install theXactwareClickOnceextension in your browser. If you do not haverights to install extensions, you may need to contact your system a… Updated 8 months ago by Jill Bowers
Custom documents in Xactimate online These instructions can be used for company headers, opening statements, and closing statements. In Preferences > Profile > Reports , select the list icon next to Company header.. In the window that a… Updated 11 months ago by Jill Bowers
Enable third-party cookies Note: To see a list of domains that require cookies, select Xactimate Domains in the table of contents. Enable cookies in Chrome. If your company manages your Chrome settings, you might not be able… Updated 4 months ago by Jill Bowers
Opening a project in Xactimate online There are two ways to open projects in the Projects page in Xactimate online. Double click the row of the project you want to open.. OR Select the project row.. Select the Open icon.. Note: If you… Updated 1 month ago by Jill Bowers
What's new in Xactimate online If an Xactimate release includes any major changes that affect your product experience, we highlight them here to provide you with updates. To view greater details on these changes (when necessary),… Updated 1 year ago by Heather Jones
Downloading the Xactimate online Estimate Writer To work on projects in Xactimate online, you must download the Xactimate online Estimate Writer (OEW). OEW allows you to enter claim information, build sketches, add estimate items, review documents,… Updated 6 months ago by Jill Bowers
Xactimate glossary Term Definition/Explanation 3d grid A three dimenstional view for your sketch​​ in Xactimate Actual cash value This is what an item is worth after the item'sdepreciationhas been removed from the re… Updated 8 months ago by Jill Bowers
Links to product documentation This domain contains help documentation for Xactimate, XactContents, XactScope, and Xactimate Admin. For articles about other products, please visit their domain: ClaimXperience. XactAnalysis. Conten… Updated 11 months ago by Jill Bowers
FAQs about Xactimate online Xactimate online has many new featuresthat make estimating easier and more efficient.The onboarding process is nothing to be afraid of – many of the featuresthatusers have worked with in the old… Updated 9 months ago by Jill Bowers
Glossary I-Q I. I-joist Wood beams that have top and bottom chords made out of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) or dimensional lumber and the center web made out of either plywood or oriented strand board. I-joists… Updated 1 year ago by Jill Bowers
What is an Error 504? Error 504 appears if the page you are trying to reach does not connect with the server in a timely manner. When the connection times out, itprevents the page from loading appropriately. 504 errors a… Updated 9 months ago by Jill Bowers
Glossary R-Z R. Rabbet joint Siding joint made by thinning the edge of two boards to about half their width and then overlapping the two thinned edges. Radiant heat Heat that travels in waves and increases the te… Updated 1 year ago by Jill Bowers
Estimate collaboration in Xactimate and XactAnalysis Note: This article explains estimate collaboration in Xactimate. For more information on estimate collaboration in XactAnalysis, see this help article for XactAnalysis. After a collaborator for a pro… Updated 9 months ago by Jill Bowers
Learn more about Xactimate Verisk has many resources to help users learn more about Xactimate. Online help documentation: You can search our library of help documentation for answers to common questions, solutions for potentia… Updated 9 months ago by Jill Bowers
Glossary A-H #. 2/10 Rule A rule that states that the top of a flue must be at least two feet higher than any roof part within ten feet. 4/1 Rule A rule for safe placement of a ladder. The 4/1 Rule states that fo… Updated 1 year ago by Jill Bowers
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