Whisky Distillery | Campbeltown | Scotland (2024)

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One of the first (and last)

As far as Scotch distilleries go, the home of Glen Scotia has a story (and a single malt whisky) for everyone. The Glen Scotia scotch whisky distillery in Campbeltown is one with an illustrious past and irresistible present.

The Glen Scotia distillery is one of the smallest Scotch whisky distilleries but one of the big names in Campbeltown, the former whisky capital of the world.

Our historical distillery still maintains much of its original design dating from the 1830s — including the mash tun, stillroom and dunnage warehouse — so our celebrated heritage and history influence the award winning whisky produced here.

The last century saw turbulent times for Campbeltown whisky distillers, yet our legacy endures.

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Our Single Malt Whisky Distillery, Campbeltown

Rich in original features and equipment, the Glen Scotia Distillery in Campbeltown is an evocative and unique place to work and visit for whisky tours. We work hard to maintain the distillery’s historic buildings and whisky making process with care and pride.

To this day, we’re following our distillery founders' footsteps, distilling scotch using traditional methods to carefully create the unique Campbeltown whisky that we’ve become world-famous for — with maritime roots, a unity of cask finishings, and a harmony of flavours.

But we make more than single malt scotch at the Glen Scotia Distillery. You’ll also find two hives in the courtyard where our resident bees create their delicious honey.

A polestar for both distillers and enthusiasts, the home of our unique Campbeltown single malts has truly stood the test of time, and we love showing visitors around.

Our Whiskies

Glen Scotia produces two styles of whisky – peated and non peated. Our peated whisky is typically made over a period of 6 weeks per year.

Over the years the quality of our whisky has grown, with longer fermentation and vatting of the malted barley, as well as a slower and more careful distillation. But overall the process has remained the same. Although we no longer malt our own barley, we buy in Scottish malted barley to our exact specification in order to maintain the true Glen Scotia character through our distilling process.

Campbeltown's coveted single malts have become popular globally — an incredible achievement for a town that currently makes up the second smallest whisky region in Scotland.

With a nod to our founders' sense of innovation and creativity, our distillery produces a range ofaward-winning malts,festival edition whiskies, and limited editionseasonal single malt expressions.

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The Whisky Capital of the World

Our charming Scotch distillery was founded in 1832 as Scotia Distillery. By 1835, it was one of almost 30 thriving distilleries in Campbeltown. This earned our dear region the title of 'Whisky Capital of the World' in the Victorian era. Today, there are only three Campbeltown whisky distilleries left — and the enduring Glen Scotia Distillery is one of them.

Located at 12 High Street in Campbeltown (or as we refer to it, the Wee Toon), our distillery aims to honour the fallen greats of our region. We do this by producing only the highest-quality spirits that authentically represent our town, its whisky character, and its flavour profiles of past & present.

Where is Campbeltown?
Campbeltown is situated in the West Coast of Scotland in Argyll and Bute, nestled on the Kintyre peninsula.

It was not long after the first settlement was established that residents discovered how perfect the location was — boasting a rich supply of all the ingredients needed for distilling single malts.

With the abundance of fresh water, local barley, fuel, and peat, the first distillery was established in 1817 — and the rest is history.

An Authentic Scottish Whisky Distillery Experience

Visit our Campbeltown distillery to discover our incredible selection of sweet & fruity or rich & smoky single malt whiskies and explore everything that makes it unique. Choose from ourtours and tastingsat the distillery, or join us forour annual whisky festival.

With each spirit produced at our single malt distillery, we like to think that we have bottled the spirit of Campbeltown to perfection and — from the very first sip — you'll know why Campbeltown was once the whisky capital of the world.

Iain McAlister, Master Distiller

“Glen Scotia has stayed true to its history – the original mashtun, the stillroom and the dunnage warehouse have been lovingly maintained and are still in working use today.”

Whisky Distillery | Campbeltown | Scotland (2024)
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