Last Epoch Mage Builds (2024)

1. Last Epoch Mage Builds and Guides - Icy Veins

  • Sorcerer Meteor Endgame · Mage Overview · Sorcerer Mastery Leveling

  • Builds and guides for Last Epoch's Mage class.

2. Last Epoch 1.0: The Best Mage Builds (All Masteries) - GameLeap

  • 24 feb 2024 · Here are the best builds for the mage class in Last Epoch 1.0 so you can level fast into an endgame raid boss whether you're a spellblade, ...

  • The mage class might just be the most diverse of them all in Last Epoch 1.0, with mastery over a ton of damage types and play styles. Whether you're l

3. Glacier Sorcerer Build Guide - Last Epoch

4. Mage Sorcerer Leveling Build Guide -

  • Learn about Skills, Passives, Gearing, Campaign, Monoliths & Loot Filter in our Mage Sorcerer Leveling Starter Guide for Last Epoch 1.0.

5. Latest Mage topics - Last Epoch Forums

  • Mage ; Advice needed for melee lightning spellblade build. 5, 151, May 7, 2024 ; Freezing with Lightning Frost Claw? 2, 133, April 29, 2024.

  • Discuss the Mage and its mastery classes with other members of the community. Please post feedback in Feedback and Suggestions.

6. Best Last Epoch Builds and Classes Guides - Odealo

  • Last Epoch Best Builds and Classes Guides · [1.0 MARKSMAN] Detonating Arrow Trap Marksman - one of the most overpowered builds in the game, which allows you to ...

  • A complete List of all the best Builds in Last Epoch with an in-depth comparison and analysis of all playable Last Epoch's classes and specializations

7. Best Mage Mastery and Builds in Last Epoch - Escapist Magazine

  • 20 feb 2024 · The Runemaster is the most unique take on the Mage archetype both within Last Epoch and fantasy games in general. Its passive abilities are ...

  • If slinging fireballs and freezing foes is your thing, the Mage in Last Epoch is for you. While you may think you’ve seen all that a Mage has to offer in other games, the three mastery classes – Sorcerer, Spellblade, and Runemaster – mix the classic class up more than you’d think.

8. Last Epoch Patch 1.0: Best Mage Leveling Build (Runemaster)

  • 20 feb 2024 · Last Epoch Patch 1.0: Best Mage Leveling Build (Runemaster) · Resistances: Capped; Critical Strike Avoidance: Capped · Intelligence: 50 - 80+ ...

  • There are hundreds of viable builds to explore in Last Epoch. This build guide focuses on a Runemaster Mage skill build, perfect for all types of cont

9. Last Epoch Mage Mastery And Skills - IGN

  • Mages in Last Epoch are classic elemental spellcasters, wielding the powers of fire, ice, and lightning. Typically, Mages fight from a distance and protect.

  • Mages in Last Epoch are classic elemental spellcasters, wielding the powers of fire, ice, and lightning. Typically, Mages fight from a distance and protect

10. Sorcerer Meteor Endgame Build for Last Epoch (Patch 1.0) - Icy Veins

  • 18 apr 2024 · For any Meteor build, you must choose Sorcerer as your mastery or you will not have access to the spell. We put the majority of our points into ...

  • This guide tells you everything you need to know to play Sorcerer Meteor Endgame in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Mage Builds (2024)
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