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Affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, in order to meet the needs of HSK candidates from various countries for studying abroad, graduation, and job hunting. Hankao International began to launch the HSK home online test in April. The home network test not only reduces the possible health risks caused by the gathering of candidates, but also It provides convenience for candidates to take exams in time to obtain scholarships, study abroad, graduate, and job hunting as scheduled, and has won unanimous praise and praise from candidates.

Taking into account that the overseas epidemic has not yet ended, in order to meet the test requirements, after research, Hankao International decided to open the HSK home online test overseas on October 31 and December 12. The relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

Registration requirements

Candidates for the October 31 test must contact the nearest test center in their country or region on November 27 to complete the registration work on October 16 and December 12, and the registration requirements must be confirmed before registration:

Confirm that the equipment and test environment meet the requirements

Before registering for the exam, please check whether the computer, software configuration and network meet the exam requirements.


Windows (7/10) operating system, the screen resolution is recommended to be set to 1440900 or more (the minimum setting is 1366768 or more)


Download the Chinese network test client to test the network speed, which needs to be 150KB/s and above. Please do not register if the network is not enough.

Network address: https://test.chinesetest.cn:36165/client.html


The room is well lit and the camera is clear;

(1) The test computer must bring or prepare an independent high-definition camera (above 300,000 pixels),

(2) A mobile phone with a camera downloads the software designated by the local test center

④Enter the designated meeting room 1 hour before the start of the test

(1) The examiner can check the examination environment of each examinee and the certificates used for registration through the designated software 360 ​​degrees.

(2) Candidates need to connect their mobile phone to the WIFI network and turn on the “airplane mode”.

(3) The camera phone must have sufficient power to ensure that it does not shut down during the entire test.

⑤Earphone: clear sound, good sound insulation effect;

⑥Examination environment:

The examination should be conducted independently in a safe, closed, and interference-free room, and it is prohibited to conduct the test in open places such as parks, Internet cafes, and restaurants. Computers, keyboards and other test supplies must be placed on the desktop. During the test, other people are prohibited from entering and exiting the room. There should be no test prohibited items in the test room. Once the test record is violated, the test result will be invalid.


1) There is no need to use manuscript notes for the home network test. During the test, it is prohibited to copy and record test questions with paper, electronic equipment, etc.; 2) To ensure the safety of test operation, Chinese Test International or third-party Chinese test centers may need to collect test-related information from you. Including: name, photo, certificate information and monitoring audio and video records during the exam, etc. We will only collect and use these types of personal information within the scope permitted by law and when necessary for Hankao International’s legitimate business purposes (such as maintaining exam security).

Registration and payment

Log in to the Chinese test service website www.chinesetest.cn and choose your country to open the home internet test site registration.


1. Examination date: October 31 (Beijing time), registration deadline: October 16 (Beijing time)

2. Examination date: December 12 (Beijing time), registration deadline: November 27 (Beijing time)

Admission ticket and results

The test admission ticket is issued to the test takers 10 days before the start of the test. You can log in to the Chinese test service website 10 days after the end of the HSK test to check the scores, and apply for the score report through the “Extra Score Report” and mail it to you or each institution.

Exam format

This test will be conducted at home, and all test centers are requested to attach great importance to this test. If you have any questions, please contact Hankao International.

Phone: 010-59307668 010-59307636 010-59307634


Candidate consultation: kaoshi@chinesetest.cn

Test center consultation: kaowu@chinesetest.cn

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HSK home online test HSK China | Mandarin | HSK (1)
HSK home online test HSK China | Mandarin | HSK (2024)
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