How to Learn Xactimate® in Record Time (Complete Guide) (2024)

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How to Learn Xactimate® in Record Time (Complete Guide) (1)

If you're in the restoration business or dealing with claims, you know that the Xactimate software isn’t just another tool—it’s the lifeline of your trade. This guide is for you, the professionals who want to learn Xactimate efficiently and thoroughly this year. We’re skipping the fluff and going straight to what matters: how to master Xactimate from the ground up. This guide covers:

  • What is Xactimate®?
  • Key Features
  • How Much Does Xactimate® Cost?
  • Xactimate® Learning Roadmap
  • Resources and Training for Xactimate®
  • Xactimate® Certifications and Professional Growth
  • Common Questions and Myths about Xactimate®

What is Xactimate®?

Xactimate®, a product of Verisk Analytics, is a software solution designed to assist professionals in the insurance adjusting and restoration industries. At its core, Xactimate serves as an estimating tool, enabling users to create accurate and detailed cost estimates for property damages caused by various events like fires, floods, or storms.

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Key Features

Xactimate’s versatility lies in its wide array of features that cater to various aspects of claims estimation:

  • Sketching: Perhaps the most recognized feature, allowing users to create floor plans and diagrams of damaged properties.
  • Estimation and Pricing: Xactimate provides up-to-date pricing databases that include regional cost variations, making estimates more accurate and location-specific.
  • Customization: Users can create custom price lists, templates, and macros, enhancing productivity by tailoring the software to their specific needs.
  • Reporting: It offers comprehensive reporting capabilities, enabling users to generate detailed and professional reports for clients and stakeholders.

How Much Does Xactimate Cost?

If you're wondering how much Xactimate is per month, you have to consider that the platform pricing structure is designed to accommodate different user needs, offering two main subscription options:

  • Xactimate Professional includes access to all platforms (desktop, mobile, and online), providing a comprehensive range of features suitable for users who require flexibility and full functionality.
  • Xactimate Standard allows users to choose a single platform (desktop, mobile, or online) that best fits their specific work requirements.

Both subscription options are available in various durations, with the annual subscription offering additional educational resources through Xactware Classroom. For the most current pricing details, it is advisable to visit Verisk's Xactimate Product Page and contact their sales team.

Xactimate® Learning Roadmap

Embarking on your Xactimate learning journey can begin with a practical approach. You can gain access to a free 30-day Xactimate demo that will provide you with a hands-on opportunity to explore and practice with the software. This trial period is an excellent way to get familiar with Xactimate's interface and basic functionalities without any upfront investment. To access the demo, visit Verisk's website.

1. The Interface and Navigation

  • Familiarization with the Interface: Begin by exploring the Xactimate interface. Understanding the layout, toolbar, and menu options is crucial for efficient navigation.
  • Customizing Your Workspace: Learn how to adjust settings and preferences to create a workspace that suits your workflow, including setting up project templates and default settings.

2. Fundamental Skills

  • Sketching Basics: One of the core skills in Xactimate is sketching. Start with simple floor plans and gradually progress to more complex structures. Focus on understanding how to represent dimensions and layout accurately with some Xactimate sketch templates.
  • Handling ESX Files: ESX files are central to the platform’s data management. Learn how to create, import, and export these files. Familiarize yourself with their structure and how they integrate with Xactimate's estimating functions.

3. First Projects and Exercises

  • Project Templates: Explore how to use and modify project templates. This will help you understand how to start new estimates efficiently.
  • Simple Sketching Exercises: Apply your initial sketching skills to practical exercises. Begin with basic structures like a single room or a simple roof, then gradually increase complexity.
  • Integration with Real-World Tools: Use apps like magicplan to quickly create sketches of properties, take pictures of damages, and send this info directly to Xactimate. This integration simplifies the claims process and eliminates the need for manual ESX file imports.

4. Estimating Techniques

  • Creating Your First Estimate: Learn the process of creating a basic estimate. Understand how to add line items, adjust quantities, and apply costs. It's always convenient to have an Xactimate line item cheat sheet.
  • Understanding Pricing Databases: Xactimate’s pricing databases are dynamic. Get familiar with how to access and use these databases for accurate and location-specific estimates.
  • In-depth Estimation Strategies: Grasp advanced estimating techniques, focusing on accuracy and detail. Understand how to handle intricate claims and unique scenarios.
  • Custom Pricing and Adjustments: Learn to customize pricing lists and make adjustments based on specific project requirements or regional variations.

LEARN MORE: Best Practices for Selecting and Applying Line Items in Xactimate®

5. Reports and Documentation

  • Generating Reports: Reports are vital for communicating your estimates. Learn how to generate different types of reports in Xactimate, including summary reports, detailed line item reports, and graphical reports.
  • Documentation Best Practices: Understand the importance of thorough documentation within the platform, including photos, notes, Xactimate photo labeling, Xactimate photo reports, and other supporting materials.

6. Mastering Macros and Customization

  • Creating and Using Macros: Learn how to create macros in Xactimate to automate repetitive tasks. This advanced feature saves time and increases efficiency.
  • Advanced Sketching Techniques: Beyond basic sketching, learn how to use advanced tools for more complex structures, including detailed roof sketches and multi-level buildings.

Learning Resources and Training for Xactimate®

  • Official Training and Certification Programs: Verisk offers official training programs for Xactimate, culminating in certification opportunities. For detailed information on these programs, you can visit Xactimate's Training Page.
  • Online Learning Platforms and Tutorials: Besides Xactimate's own resources, other institutions like RIA (Restoration Industry Association) or AdjusterPro provide specialized Xactimate training for contractors. These institutions offer a mix of online and in-person learning options tailored to various experience levels.
  • Community Forums and User Groups: Participate in forums like the "Xactimate Professionals" group on Facebook or the magicplan user community. These communities are valuable for peer-to-peer learning and staying updated on industry practices.
  • Video Tutorials and Webinars: YouTube channels like "Verisk property estimating solutions" and "Estimate Mastery" offer a variety of guides and Xactimate tutorials. These visual resources can be particularly helpful for understanding specific features or updates. Webinars hosted by Verisk or industry experts can offer deep dives into specific features or updates.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: The most effective way to learn Xactimate is through hands-on practice. Apply what you learn in real-world scenarios or through simulated projects to reinforce your skills. You can also work for free with some Xactimate estimate writers to learn more.

Xactimate Certifications and Professional Growth

How to Get Xactimate Certified?

Xactimate certification comes in different levels:

  • Level 1: Fundamentals – This level focuses on basic Xactimate functionality. It covers creating small to medium estimates, sketching floor plans, entering line items, and other fundamental skills.
  • Level 2: Proficiency – At this level, the focus shifts to more complex estimating skills. It includes working with more intricate sketches, dealing with advanced estimating scenarios, and utilizing Xactimate's efficiency tools.
  • Level 3: Mastery – This is the highest level of certification. It encompasses mastering complex residential and commercial property estimates, advanced sketching, proficiency in XactAnalysis, and full utilization of Xactimate's capabilities.

Each level requires passing a comprehensive exam that tests your knowledge and skills in using Xactimate. To prepare for these certifications, Verisk offers detailed study materials, including user manuals, practice tests, and online courses.

How to Learn Xactimate® in Record Time (Complete Guide) (3)

Advantages of Being Certified

  • Certification, especially at the Proficiency or Mastery level, can significantly enhance your job prospects. It's often a requirement for higher-level positions in insurance adjusting and claims management.
  • Certified professionals are generally more trusted by employers and clients, which can lead to higher earning potential and more substantial roles.
  • Proficiency in Xactimate is highly valued in sectors like property insurance, independent adjusting, and disaster response. It can open doors to roles like senior claims adjuster, project manager, or estimator in restoration companies.

Common Questions and Myths about Xactimate®

Q: How long does it take to learn Xactimate?

A: The time it takes to learn Xactimate varies based on your background and dedication. Beginners might need a few months to get comfortable, while those with prior estimating experience may pick it up faster.

Q: How hard is it to learn Xactimate?

A: Xactimate can be challenging for beginners, but with the right resources and practice, it becomes manageable. The software is designed to be user-friendly, with a range of learning materials available.

Q: Are there resources available for learning Xactimate remotely?

A: Absolutely, there are various online resources, including official Xactimate training, online courses, video tutorials, and user forums that can facilitate remote learning of Xactimate.

Q: How frequently does Xactimate update its pricing database?

A: Xactimate updates its pricing database regularly to ensure that the cost data reflects current market conditions. These updates are crucial for accurate and fair estimates.

Q: How to read a Xactimate estimate?

A: Reading a Xactimate insurance claims estimate involves understanding its structured format, which typically includes detailed line items describing the work, materials needed, and associated costs. Each line item is categorized for clarity, with total costs summarized at the end.

Q: How to sketch in Xactimate?

A: Sketching in Xactimate requires starting a new estimate or opening an existing one. Use the 'Sketch' tab to draw floor plans or property layouts, adding details like dimensions, doors, windows, and other structural elements. You can also enhance this process by using an app like magicplan, which allows you to create instant sketches and take photos of the property on-site. These sketches and images can be directly sent to Xactimate streamlining your workflow without the need to manually upload ESX files.

How to Learn Xactimate® in Record Time (Complete Guide) (4)

Q: How to import an ESX file in Xactimate?

A: To import an ESX file, open Xactimate, select the project you want to import the data into, and navigate to the 'Import/Export' tab. Choose the ESX file from your computer and follow the prompts to complete the import.

Q: How to sketch a roof in Xactimate?

A: The software provides advanced sketch tools for handling complex roof designs. Users can utilize these tools to represent and create Xactimate roof estimates for various roof types and complexities accurately.

Q: Does Xactimate work on MacOS?

A: Xactimate is not currently supported on MacOS. Verisk products work with the Windows operating system. You can find Xactimate software requirements here.

Myth: Xactimate is only for large-scale companies.

Reality: Xactimate is used by a variety of professionals, including independent adjusters, contractors, and small restoration firms. Its scalability makes it suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Myth: Once you're certified, no further learning is needed.

Reality: The property claims industry is dynamic, and Xactimate continually updates its features. Ongoing learning is essential to stay current with the software and industry practices.


In conclusion, mastering Xactimate is a journey that combines learning the basics, exploring advanced features, and continuously updating skills to match the evolving demands of the property claims and restoration industry. Whether you're starting with the fundamentals or pursuing advanced certification, Xactimate offers a robust set of tools to enhance efficiency and accuracy in your work. Leverage the wealth of resources available, from official training to community forums, and remember that practical experience is invaluable.


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