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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happened to the inbox? How do I accept an assignment? The new Xactimate desktop automatically accepts any assignments assigned to you via the Xactimate online instance. An in-app notification will alert you when you receive an assignment. Updated 4 years ago
What is the difference between an instance and a profile? An instance is a virtual network that lets you communicate securely with other members of our organization. A profile is a pre-determined estimating setting. Updated 2 years ago by Heather Jones
How do I install the new version of Xactimate desktop? Note: The download link has temporarily been removed, but we are working to restore it in a new format. Until then, you can find the link in the eService Center here: https://veriskpropertyestimating… Updated 1 month ago by Heather Jones
How do I set instance preferences if I’m not registered with an Xactimate online instance? To set instance preferences, a user with administrative rights must log in to Xactimate Administration in order to access Xactimate online. Desktop preferences are inherited from the online instance. Updated 6 years ago
If I create a filter, will others see it? No, custom filters are only available forthe user that created them. Updated 6 years ago
What is this lock symbol next to my project? The lock symbol ( ) means a project has been checked out on another device. See Unlock a project in Xactimate desktop for information on unlocking the project. Updated 6 months ago
Where is the price list editor? To access the price list editor, open Xactimate and select Tools in the main left menu. Scroll to the bottom of the tools window to find the External Links section, and select the Price List Editor link. Updated 3 years ago by Heather Jones
Can I adjust the size of the left-hand navigation pane? The navigation pane has two sizes. Click Xactimate or the X at the top of the navigation pane to switch between the two size formats. Updated 6 years ago
How can I view my licenses? You can view information about licenses in your instance in Xactimate Admin. To apply for a license, renew a license, or adjust your account in any way, please contact your Verisk representative. If… Updated 3 weeks ago by Heather Jones
What happens to my existing projects when I install the new Xactimate desktop? If you have projects in an existing Xactimate 28 account, all active projects (those with an In Progress status and modified in the last 90 days)automatically migrate directly intothe Local project… Updated 3 years ago by Heather Jones
Downloading price lists To download a price list, open the Select a price list dialog box, request a pricelist by location or name, and add the appropriate information. Updated 1 year ago by Heather Jones
Where is the XactAnalysis Communications pane? How do I connect to XactNet? In Xactimate 28, all communication took place through a manual connection to XactNet. In the new Xactimate desktop, connections to the online servers are continuous, allowing you to send and receive… Updated 6 years ago
Where do I find my XactNet Address? To find your XactNet Address, navigate to Help > About Xactimate Updated 4 weeks ago by Heather Jones
How do I add another profile to my options? Depending on your settings, you may be able to add additional profiles to your instance. This allows you to use any of those added profiles when creating estimates (see Add a new project in Xactimate… Updated 8 months ago by Heather Jones
What file types can Xactimate desktop import? Acceptable files types vary depending on the purpose for the file. Refer to the list to determine which file types are acceptable for each situation. Updated 11 months ago by Heather Jones
How do I add photos to forms? For those forms that allow for adding images, use the file upload button to add the image. Updated 3 years ago by Heather Jones
How do I print images? To print images that you have already added to your estimate, navigate to Documents > Reports in the main project menu on the left. Open the Images tab in the Reports panel and make adjustments as ne… Updated 3 years ago by Heather Jones
Frequently Asked Questions - Xactware help (2024)
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