Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (2023)

The Dactyl Manuform is an open-source parameterized, split-hand, concave, columnar, ergonomic keyboard. Say that three times fast.

Case Formats

The Dactyl Manuform is a parametric design, meaning it's easy to adjust the design to your preferences with only minor edits to the source code. The below images illustrate the most common arrangements of rows and columns.

Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (1)

6x6 Format

You can think of the 6x6 format as the most like a standard keyboard, with dedicated rows forthe F-keys and numbers.

(Video) Dactyl Manuform Review — Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard, hand built, build guide and testing

Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (2)

(Video) Bulding a Dactyl Manuform - Mechanical Keyboard

5x6 Format

The 5x6 format removes the F-row. As physical keys are removed, the missing keys are accessed via layers programmed in the firmware.

Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (3)

4x6 Format

Now we're getting serious. The number row is dropped as well. Your hands stay closer to the home position at all times, reducing strain on your hands and wrists. Plus, it looks cool!

(Video) Dactyl ManuForm Mini Keyboard Build

Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (4)

4x5 Format

Hardcore! If you're going 4x5, this probably isn't your first Manuform. ;)

Hotswap Compatibility

Dactyl Manuform - DIY Keyboards (5)

Upgrade your case to use Kailh Hotswap Sockets. This allows "hotswapping" switches, meaning you can simply pull your switches out of the case and swap them for another variety at any time. No soldering required!

(Video) Keyboard Build Stream - Dactyl Manuform - Part 1

About Our Prints

Our cases are 3D printed using high-strength plastics in a variety of colors. At a layer height of 0.2mm, each case pair requires nearly a full day of printing time. These are the cleanest FDM prints you'll find anywhere.

We are now printing an updated case design with adjustments to the top case and an all-new bottom plate design. The updated design features:

(Video) Building a Custom Split Ergonomic Keyboard with a Trackpoint - wDactyl

We can print in pretty much any material your heart desires, so contact us with your needs if you're interested in a custom filament or tweaks to the design. Cases are shipped with support material removed.

Each case is made-to-order. Please allow 5-7 days for production.



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