9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (2023)

InVision is a prototyping tool created for designers, by designers. It simplifies the process of presenting your designs and is more effective than sending your files using a .PDF format.

As a designer, you definitely can not imagine your life without this app. But now this is becoming a thing of the past. Designers are now looking for something more in a tool, something they can adore more, and hence, InVision alternatives.

Why Look for InVision Alternative?

InVision is a popular prototyping and design feedback tool, so why look for an InVision alternative?

First, web prototypes are very primitive. It is basically a clickable slideshow, with little interaction options. Second, its main and only focus is on design feedback. If you want to get design feedback on HTML prototypes or websites, InVision is not the right solution.

Third, the team plan of InVision app is limited for up to 5 team members. Fourth, if you’d like to connect your design drafts with your prototypes and get user feedback from people outside your department, InVision might not be the right choice.

Also, designers are complaining about its limited customer support services, no responsive features, and it doesn’t support wireframe creation or elements modification.

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Now when you are looking alternative to InVisionapp, it’s time to try out the top alternatives.

Table of Contents

  • Top 9 InVision Alternatives
    • InVision vs ProofHub
    • InVision vs Adobe XD
    • InVision vs Sketch
    • InVision vs UXpin
    • InVision vs Asana
    • InVision vs Axure
    • InVision vs Figma
    • InVision vs Balsamiq
    • InVision vs Marvel

Top 9 InVision Alternatives

  1. InVision vs ProofHub

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (1)

When comparing InVision with ProofHub, designers have found that InVision makes them go crazy when they need online feedback on their designs. ProofHub is a great InVision alternative as it is super fast and easy-to-use. Designers can collaborate easily to share feedback on their designs from clients and team members.

Can ProofHub Replace InVision?

InVision is well suited to create clickable prototypes using design files you’ve already made but not for new designs. You can easily share the prototype using a link, but it is not a standalone fix for gathering feedback from users and internal stakeholders. While ProofHub has been one of the most preferred project management software for designers to review their designs and collect feedback.

Read more: ProofHub makes feedback and approval process faster and easier than ever!

How is ProofHub Different From InVision?

It’s a robust proofing method along with project management and that makes it different from InVision.

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Key features:

  • Real-time collaboration and quick feedback sharing
  • Markup tools to highlight sections and mark annotations
  • Threaded comments for concise feedback
  • One-click approval process to save time
  • Loaded with project management features such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards and Workflows and much more
Features InVision ProofHub
Collaborate in real-timeGreat for collaborationGreat for collaboration
Project managementNoYes
Markup toolsNoAnnotate files with markup tools
Threaded commentsNeat and organized commentsReply to comments within a thread
Design approvalNo quick processOne-click approval
Version controlSelect different versionsReview new versions of file
Users limitUp to 5 membersUnlimited users

“Two ladies, one website & lots of collaboration. ProofHub helps us improve coordination, communication and project execution. You don’t realize how much time you waste everyday proofing via email until someone shows you a better way. I almost pulled out my credit card before even testing it. ProofHub is the way to go!” – Delia Jalomo

See how teams are using ProofHub for collaboration. Sign up now!

  1. InVision vs Adobe XD

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (2)

I started using Adobe XD, a designing and prototyping tool, which is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and I found that prototyping, design, and animation all can happen in one space when using Adobe XD. The design process is effortless, interactions and animations all happen in the context of each other.

How is Adobe XD is Different From InVision?

When using InVision, designers will have to first make their wireframes in either Illustrator or Sketch. After choosing the right screen size, the files need to be imported into the interface. InVision does have the option of a downloadable plugin called Craft that directly syncs with Photoshop and Sketch.

On the other hand, when using Adobe XD, you can design and prototype in the same program simultaneously without extra time. You’ll save time as you will not have to import or sync your files after the initial design stages. The designer will just have to go from the menu options at the top clearly labeled Design and Prototype and then click on the play button to preview the work.

Other Adobe XD Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Designers can open Photoshop and Illustrator files in XD
  • Sketch files can be opened in XD
  • Creating a list of items is simple with “repeat grid”
  • Open XD files in After Effects

“As we started working across more design teams and needed to share files more broadly across Microsoft, XD became the tool of choice to be able to do that.”— Christina Koehn, Principal Design Manager

  1. InVision vs Sketch

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (3)

Sketch is certainly one of the cleanest and most intuitive UI design tools. It literally transformes UI design, bringing whole new features like artboards, symbols, and exporting.

How is Sketch Different From InVision?

Sketch is used to design your interface, while InVision is used to link the interface elements to other screens that you designed. Sketch is used for making a design, InVision is used to showcase a design.

But Sketch doesn’t offer any design handoff features, whereas InVision does. Right now, Sketch doesn’t have the kind of prototyping ability that InVision does, and InVision doesn’t support the kind of designing you’d do in Sketch.

Other Sketch Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Shared styles and symbols
  • Multiple artboards exported in one image file
  • Smart distribute to speed up your workflow
  • Smart layout and more announcements from layers

“Sketch very quickly allows designers to capture their ideas in a simple but powerful interface. The true power of Sketch is in the extensibility it has to other tools and workflows like InVision.” – Eric L ( )

  1. InVision vs UXpin

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (4)

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UXpin is a full-stack UX design platform in one place: design systems, prototyping, and documentation together. InVision and UXPin are labeled as “Interactive Mockups” and “Wireframing” tools respectively.

How is UXpin Different From InVision?

UXPin is great for wireframing and simple to get going but becomes really messy after that. When using the interactive tools and uploading mockups, it becomes buggy. I’m not a big fan of their pricing, especially for teams. InVision is ranked 4th while UXPin is ranked 12th for prototyping mobile interactions.

Other UXpin Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Create responsive design wireframes and prototypes
  • Real-time collaborative design, editing & chat
  • Easily shareable online & offline previews

“When clients are focusing on under­standing wireframe annotations, they’re not focusing on the business problems you’ve solved for them. Not to mention, our email chains were out of control.”- Nate Ginesi, UX ArchitectLookThink

  1. InVision vs Asana

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (5)

Asana keeps you on track and helps you prioritize projects and to-do. Users like this tool because they get to see what they have previously worked on and accomplished. It’s less appropriate for teams who are very active inside their email, like Outlook.

How is Asana Different From InVision?

Developers describe Asana as “The easiest way for teams to track their work”. On the other hand, InVision is labeled as “Prototyping & Collaboration For Design Teams”. Asana enables teams to move work from start to finish, InVision lets you create realistic interactive wireframes and prototypes without hazarding your creative vision.

Other Asana Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Updated in real-time
  • Multiple workspaces
  • To-do list tracking
  • API reference

“Asana has become the cornerstone of the project.” – Air France KLM Group

ProofHub is a great alternative to Asana. Sign up now.

  1. InVision vs Axure

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (6)

Axure is a wireframing and rapid prototyping tool that allows designers to create web/app prototypes with rich details, animations, and transitions. It provides libraries with common UI elements, whereas, users cannot build or create UI elements directly in InVision.

How is Axure Different From InVision?

Team collaboration: In order to make a web/app project collaboratively, Axure allows users to create a Team Project on Axure Share. Users can invite other team members by entering emails and set permissions.

InVision also supports team collaboration and allows for 5 team members at most. And designers can set two roles for team members (including “Team Plan Owner” and “Team Member”) with different permissions.

Project sharing and commenting: Axure supports sharing a project. Whatever you want to share to collect feedback and suggestions, just click the “Share” button and send the automatically generated URL to your team partners. You can also protect the privacy of the project you share by setting a password.

(Video) Practical Tips for Great UI Animation | Pablo Stanley | Design Lead InVision Studio Platform

InVision also enables users to share a project by clicking a “Share” button and allows designers to directly comment for better communication and higher efficiency.

Project templates and samples: Axure has no prototype templates. If you need any template to save your efforts, you’ll have to search and download one from the internet.

InVision has a special website that enables designers to easily search and download different prototype templates but since some of them are shared from other resource websites, they can not be downloaded for free.

Other Axure Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Create interactive prototypes, wireframes, and diagrams
  • Annotate prototypes and diagrams
  • Organize notes for different audiences
  • Publish to Axure share
  • View prototypes and diagrams from mobile devices
  1. InVision vs Figma

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (7)

Figma is an Interface Designing & Prototyping App for collaborative design and to have your designs accessible on the web. Figma is a browser-based UI and UX design application with robust features that support teams working on every phase of the design process.

How is Figma Different From InVision?

Figma is ranked 7th while Invision is ranked 10th, therefore used as an InVision alternative by many designers. If you are starting a completely new design, it is sure that Figma’s prototyping tools are much more powerful than InVision and have design tools built-in.

Other Figma Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Switch between designs and prototypes in real-time
  • Automatic sync feature to keep all changes saved
  • Easy-to-use import options
  • Supports real-time editing functionality among team members

“Figma is like a tidy bookshelf, where you can find exactly what you need, whenever you need it.” – Femke Van Schoohoven, Product Designer at Uber

  1. InVision vs Balsamiq

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (8)

Balsamiq Mockups is a tool to sketch out user interfaces, for websites and web/desktop/ mobile applications. Users can come up with mockups and easily share them with their clients.

How is Balsamiq Different From InVision?

Developers consider Balsamiq because of the key factors like “Useful mockups”, “Easy-to-use” and “Very useful & simple”; whereas “Collaborative”, “Simple” and “Pretty” are the primary reasons why InVision is chosen.

Other Balsamiq Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Low-Fi sketch wireframes
  • Click-through prototypes
  • Quick wireframing
  • UI components & icons

“You guys are amazing. Your dedication to open source, as well as charities is astonishing. Thank you, Balsamiq for caring!” – Justin

  1. InVision vs Marvel

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (9)

Marvel is a super simple alternative to InVision that turns any image (including PSDs) or sketch into interactive prototypes for any device. It helps teams take their designs (made either in Sketch or Marvel itself) from sketched ideas to initial to the tested concept.

(Video) Top Figma Alternatives for UI & UX Designers 2023 | Best User Interface (UI) Design Tools 2023

How is Marvel Different From InVision?

The Marvel App vs InVision App has become a point of interest for many, although the functionality is nearly the same. But Marvel gives a good user experience as after the preparation of mockups and links, it takes only 40 seconds to build a prototype.

Meanwhile, InVision needs 65 seconds. And Marvel with its simplicity is a great choice for a single designer or a small group of experts while InVision’s functionality is for big teams that need a hassle-free collaboration.

Other Marvel Features That Cannot Be Ignored:

  • Create interactive mockups
  • Validate designs at speed
  • Export code as CSS, Swift and Android XML

“Everybody likes Marvel because it’s very simple, it’s straightforward. I can update it, share a link and boom, it’s there. That’s a gift”- BuzzFeed

These are the tools you can try as an InVisionapp alternative that might be the best for your design workflow and collaboration. Keep going!

9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (10)

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9 Best InVision Alternatives in 2023 | Reviews | Key Features (11)

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What is an alternative to InVision program? ›

Pidoco is a web-based prototyping tool that helps design teams quickly piece together interactive prototypes. It also gives users a helping hand when sharing and testing the usability testing of those designs, which makes it an interesting alternative to InVision.

Is Figma better than InVision? ›

Figma is all-in-one and gets you a lot more for a lot less. Exporting between Sketch and InVision to gather feedback is exhausting. In Figma, design files, prototypes, and comments are all in one place, making the collaborative design process seamless. Design systems should live where you design, not in a separate app.

Which is better Adobe XD or InVision? ›

Choosing which platform to use can be overwhelming. To help you pick, we analyzed each system based on key factors like pricing and developer handoff. Overall, Adobe XD is better if you need to edit with other designers in real time — but we think InVision Studio's free tools are hard to beat.

Why is InVision so slow? ›

Slow load time usually comes down to a large number of screens within the prototype, large images, and/or lots of hotspots within each screen.

What is the best alternative to Visual Studio? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to Visual Studio
  • Xcode.
  • Eclipse.
  • NetBeans.
  • Android Studio.
  • Qt.
  • Firebase.
  • IntelliJ IDEA.
  • OutSystems.

What is Figma and InVision? ›

InVision is a great choice as a prototyping tool for simple designs needing quick turnaround times. Figma is cloud-based and offers excellent collaboration & customization features. Pttrns October 13, 2022. Figma and InVision are among the most popular and widely used design tools at present.

Why is everyone using Figma? ›

Figma enables collaboration between UX/UI designers and developers via the inspect tool. This tool allows UX/UI designers, developers, and any other collaborators to view, modify, create, and copy elements, properties, and code from Figma designs seamlessly.

Do big companies use Figma? ›

We'll show you how Figma streamlines the design process and helps designers and teams collaborate more efficiently than other programs. If you have this question, do big companies use Figma, the answer is yes; Figma is a convenient and broad-based software that companies like Uber and Microsoft have preferred.

Why is Figma so great? ›

As a motion designer, Figma is a great way to quickly design, build, and export files for animation and prototyping. It's easy to use and has all the tools I need to get the job done. The mobile app live preview is a really nice touch. It helps me manage the quality and nuance of what I'm designing.

Is InVision owned by Adobe? ›

A vector-based tool developed and published by Adobe Inc for designing and prototyping user experience for web and mobile apps; InVision: Prototyping & Collaboration For Design Teams. InVision lets you create stunningly realistic interactive wireframes and prototypes without compromising your creative vision.

Do professionals use Adobe XD? ›

Designers and design teams around the world use Adobe XD for collaborating through the design process, from ideation and wireframing to developer handoff. With the ability to share links to designs and specifications, team members can view and leave feedback easily via comments directly in the browser.

Why Figma is better then Adobe XD? ›

In Adobe XD, you design in one place but share in another. Comments are in a separate experience, and changes from different co-editors need to be merged manually. Because Figma is Web-based, your design file is a Web link, a single source of truth, and a collaborative space for your entire team.

How many customers does InVision have? ›

How InVisionApp hit $100M Revenue with 65K customers in 2022.
Total team size1132

How long is InVision free? ›

V6. Our Free plan offers users 1 prototype to test drive with unlimited screens and collaborators, for an unlimited period of time. If you exceed the 1 prototype limit, you will be given 6 additional days of unlimited prototype access.

Can you work offline with InVision? ›

With InVision V7, you don't need an Internet connection to present or review a fully functioning prototype. You can export your offline prototype as a single HTML file, which functions like a public link when opened in your browser.

What is the next version of Visual Studio? ›

C++20 Support

Visual Studio 2022 comes with our latest toolchain for targeting C++20 and is binary-compatible with 2022. Develop cross-platform C++ projects from Windows and leverage the best the ecosystem has to offer.

Which Visual Studio is best for web development? ›

  • Visual Studio Community 2022. Free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source and individual developers. ...
  • Visual Studio Professional 2022. Professional developer tools, services, and subscription benefits for small teams. ...
  • Visual Studio Enterprise 2022.
Feb 13, 2023

Which Visual Studio Code is best? ›


Snippets is the best VS Code extension for improving your productivity in the long run. Snippets provide a collection of various extensions for the commonly used programming languages. The React Snippet is the most commonly used extension nowadays.

Who bought Figma? ›

Adobe is paying $20 billion for Figma, though, so let's see if that changes over time. “What Adobe's told us is that they want to learn from Figma,” he said.

Does Microsoft use Figma? ›

Figma, a San Francisco-based startup that celebrated its 10th anniversary in August, is being used by tens of thousands of employees inside Microsoft and, for many, is at the heart of their daily work.

Is there anything better than Figma? ›

InVision is a powerful Figma alternative as it supports wireframing and prototyping. InVision also offers numerous resources for users to peruse and an interface you can learn in just a few hours. Plus, the platform provides opportunities to connect with InVision users and ambassadors on its site.

Is Figma owned by Google? ›

On September 15, 2022, Adobe announced it had entered into an agreement to acquire Figma for about $20 billion in cash and stock, the company's largest acquisition to-date, with Field remaining as CEO.

What will happen to Figma? ›

On September 15, 2022, Adobe announced that it has entered into a merger agreement to acquire Figma for $20 billion in cash and stock. With Figma's expected revenue for 2022 at $400 million, Adobe is effectively paying 50 times the revenue for Figma at a time when the stock market is tanking.

Does Facebook use Figma? ›

Origami is a free prototyping tool offered by Facebook. It allows users to build a prototype, run it on an iPhone or iPad, test it, and export code snippets. It was used to create Instagram, Paper, Messenger, Slingshot, Rooms and Groups.

Will Adobe buy Figma? ›

The acquisition of Figma will help Adobe increase its user base while eliminating one of its direct competitors. On September 15, 2022, Adobe announced the purchase of Figma for $20 billion.

What is the future of Figma? ›

Figma is expected to remain independent of Adobe once the merger is finalised in 2023 and will still be run by co-founder and CEO Dylan Field, who will report directly to Adobe Digital Media VP David Wadhwani. “Adobe is deeply committed to keeping Figma operating autonomously,” Field said.

What are disadvantages of Figma? ›

Cannot Work Offline- Like most desktop applications, Figma requires an internet connection. This makes it impossible for you to work offline. Lacks Collaboration Capabilities- Because Figma is not compatible with other software like Sketch, you'll have to share your files online.

What percentage of designers use Figma? ›

66% of designers use Figma for UI design, as opposed to 37% in 2019. This huge growth is likely due to the rise of remote work in 2020.

Do UX designers use Figma? ›

Figma is a fantastic design tool used for UI design, UX design, and prototyping. The tool is similar to Sketch if you look at the features and required skillset.

Who bought InVision? ›

NEWARK, Calif., June 25 -- InVision Technologies Inc. said its shareholders approved General Electric Co.'s $900 million cash acquisition of InVision at a special meeting held today at the company's Newark, Calif., headquarters.

What companies use InVision? ›

1514 companies reportedly use InVision in their tech stacks, including Airbnb, StackShare, and Bitpanda.
  • Airbnb.
  • StackShare.
  • Bitpanda.
  • Accenture.
  • ebay.
  • Salesforce.
  • Hubspot.
  • Shelf.

Is InVision a tool for UX design? ›

InVision Freehand and Boards allow your team to collaborate on empathy maps, create wireframes, and gather design inspiration. Iterate with feedback from users, designers, and stakeholders to create responsive screen designs and interactive prototypes with Studio and Prototype.

Is Adobe XD enough for UX design? ›

1. XD is Made for UI/UX Design

With XD, the most commonly used tools and features that designers utilize are constantly visible on the application — say goodbye to hidden menus and panels. As such, users don't have to go through the hassle of finding features to accomplish the same things as they would on Photoshop.

Do UX designers use Adobe XD? ›

Adobe XD enables UX designers design interactive user experiences for web and mobile apps using a single app. You can design quick and simple designs on artboards in XD.

Is Figma a threat to Adobe? ›

A 2021 survey from UX Tools shows that Figma dominated a whopping 77 percent of the UI design market across the board, from independent developers to large teams, revealing just how much of a threat Figma was to Adobe. “Adobe's products are okay. But they've stopped innovating,” Spool says.

Why do developers love Figma? ›

Figma is a modern, streamlined design tool that makes the developer handoff process smooth and seamless. Developers now have better access to the designs and have the ability to extract information about typography, redlines, colors, measurement and more.

Do developers prefer XD or Figma? ›

Figma is the clear winner in this case. Figma is superior at all stages of collaboration, from developer handoff to working with designers. FIGJAM is a great tool for coordinating projects. Also, Figma integrates the system and allows you to collaborate on a digital whiteboard.

How long has InVision been around? ›

InVision launched in 2011 with a relatively bare-bones prototyping tool.

Is InVision a good brand? ›

iNvision is great for sharing design files with developers and others from your team. It is a very good tool for designers, I recommend it.

Who is the CEO of InVision? ›

Clark Valberg - Founder, CEO InVisionApp Inc.

How much does InVision cost? ›

InVision Pricing

How much does InVision studio cost? ›

Studio pricing

Studio is 100% free to use! Studio works best when used with InVision, the connected, collaborative platform that drives your product design process forward.

Do you need sketch to use InVision? ›

Sketch or Photoshop are not required; there are multiple ways to create wireframes and prototypes.

Can I use InVision for free? ›

Studio is 100% free to use!

Do you have to pay for InVision? ›

You'll always be charged for at least one user per month. For annual plans, you'll be charged a prorated amount based on when additional users become active.

Is there a free version of InVision? ›

Our Free plan offers users 1 prototype to test drive with unlimited screens and collaborators, for an unlimited period of time. If you exceed the 1 prototype limit, you will be given 6 additional days of unlimited prototype access.

What is the difference between InVision and envision? ›

The correct word is envision, a verb meaning 'to visualise, imagine, or picture in one's mind': Let us envision a world without hatred or prejudice. Invision is simply incorrect nowadays, although many English speakers do not remember, and may use invision sometimes.

Is Sketch and InVision the same? ›

While InVision allows you to create prototypes, it does not have the same vector drawing and animation capabilities as Sketch. Another difference between Sketch and InVision is that Sketch is more focused on wireframing and prototyping, while InVision is more focused on creating finished, polished designs.

Who is InVision owned by? ›

About us. Invision is a multimedia entertainment agency jointly owned by the Associated Press and some of the world¹s leading entertainment photographers.

What is envision future? ›

To envision means to mentally picture the outcome of something. Envisioning your future allows you to get a visual of the reality of what will be based on the choices you are making now. It gives you something to focus on – Envisioning your future gives you something to focus on.

Is vision Same with Envision? ›

Vision is a noun. Envision is the verb meaning 'to imagine something'.

Is Sketch made by Apple? ›

Sketch is a vector graphics editor for macOS developed by the Dutch company Sketch B.V. (formerly named Bohemian Coding). It was first released on 7 September 2010 and won an Apple Design Award in 2012.

Is Figma compatible with InVision? ›

InVision Freehand integrates with Figma, so once you're ready for feedback, you can easily add the work you want to share—and only the work you want to share. With this plug-in, users can do all of their design work in Figma but collaborate cross-functionally within Freehand.

Can you make a website with InVision? ›

There are several tools available in the market for accomplishing web design objectives. Invision is one of them. Across the globe, numerous professionals use Invision web design to create great projects.


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